About us

Revalue Nature partners with on-the-ground operators to develop high quality nature-based carbon projects.

Our goal is to support on-the-ground operators to deliver high quality nature-based credits to market at a scale that matters for the planet.

Our partnership model

Revalue Nature provides development solutions and tools for on-the-ground operators. We offer integrated end-to-end support at each step of the project, including:

  1. Project financing. Revalue Nature originates and contracts competitive financing for your project.
  2. Project and credit development. We support you with end-to-end project and credit development with our in-house tools and expertise. For example, our Swift Land Classifier can assess land cover in your project areas to 90%+ accuracy in days rather than months.
  3. Credit marketing and sales. We handle credit marketing and sales, ensuring that credits are taken to market in the right channels at the right time for the right price.

You will be responsible for project implementation. This includes:

  • Securing land tenure/management agreements and licenses for project areas.
  • Implementing on-the-ground project activities, covering financial and risk management.
  • Fostering and managing  stakeholder relationships, conducting stakeholder consultations (FPIC), establishing grievance mechanisms, ensuring safeguards to prevent harm and enhance benefits.
  • Leading government consultations and monitor policy development.  Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

We want to hear from you!

We work with on-the-ground operators from around the world. Today, we have partnerships with operators from across 3x continents, and 8+ countries.

Some of our partners have 20+ years of experience, others have 2. Some have a large pipeline of projects ready to go, others do not. This does not matter to us.

We work with all types of organisation, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, private companies, and collaborations between multiple stakeholders.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You are serious about quality. We do not cut corners. We work with partners that align with our values and principles.
  • You are looking for genuine partnership. We are equals in our relationship.
  • You understand that carbon markets can be fast, but also slow. We invest together in the long-term, acknowledging that carbon markets may have upticks and downturns across the course.
  • You have a team with a track record of exceptional operational skills.

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