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Revalue Nature is rethinking carbon projects from the ground up. We exist to deliver quality credits at scale.

We believe a fundamental step change in the quality of carbon projects is required to build confidence in the market. 'Slightly better' is not good enough.

Confidence is required for the carbon market to go from a pond to an ocean. An ocean of demand is required for impact at planetary scale.

Everything Revalue does is designed to maximise our chance of creating this impact at scale. This can be seen in how we act and the qualities we value:

Revalue must achieve a demonstrable step-change in accuracy and integrity
  1. Questioning and rethinking standard practices. More of the same is not good enough.
  2. Pushing to be objective, data driven, and stating our limitations.
  3. Speaking up if we miss the 'Revalue bar' on accuracy or integrity. We don't sit quietly.
This is hard. It requires an exceptionally talented and high-performing team
  1. Ensuring we have a team of A-Players set up to do the best work of their lives.
  2. Keeping focus to make hard things happen. This means saying no more than yes.
  3. Pushing for continual improvements which lead to compounding gains.
  4. Taking radical ownership and ensuring quality outcomes.
Combined with a mindset and culture which inspires and energises - especially when we are challenged
  1. Putting mission over ego.
  2. Calm and reasonable behaviour even in difficult situations.
  3. Operating comfortably with ambiguity and rapid change.
  4. Displaying generosity and curiosity over judgement.
  5. Taking tough but fair decisions where required.
  6. Communicating early and openly.
  7. Recognising we are not perfect and operating with humility.
  8. Turning challenges into inspiration to make hard things happen.
This won't happen overnight. Our setup must allow people to do the best work of their lives well into the future
  1. Creating an environment where work improves life and life improves work.
  2. Ensuring a meritocratic culture. We reward performance over tenure.
  3. Designing for balance and resilience.
  4. Commitment to the ups and downs of the adventure!

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